Somali pirates are not the smartest folks on the high seas.

Imagine this boat

trying to take out this boat

This article talks about the top five Somali pirate blunders.

And my all-time favorite is the story of the rescued Iranians in these two articles.

In the New York Times

Here is the short version in my words:

Pirates hijacked a ship with some Iranians on board. The US navy shows up and orders, in Urdu, the pirates to put down their weapons. The pirates don’t speak Urdu, but the Iranians do.

“What did they say?” the pirates ask the hostages.

“They said if you don’t drop all your weapons and surrender in two minutes, they will blow this ship out of the water,” the Iranians say.

The pirates immediately abandon all their weapons on the deck of the ship. Some of them run for cover in the wheelhouse, others cower near the open bow. The Americans sweep on board and take over the ship.

You have to at least hand it to them for boldness. No one could say Somali pirates are cowards. Maybe this is why we laugh about them facing off with Navy Seals.