I always had a crush on the boys with long hair.

And, I always had a crush on the boys who drove jeeps.

It took 13 years of marriage, but this is what I got.

Buying this car was a pretty big deal. I guess buying any car is a pretty big deal. But for us, it means a lot more than “now we have a Jeep.”

We sold our car before returning last summer and we need a certain kind of car – one that can go off road, stick shift, and other too car-y things for me to care about.

Deciding to buy a car here (because we didn’t have to pay the entire cost up front, in cash) means we decided to ship a container to Djibouti in August. That means we need to arrange shipping, work out port deals and fees, figure out what else we are sending back and have it ready soon. It means I can send heavier weights for those book-writing-procastination P90X sessions. It means I can send books and books and books.

It means we are really going back.

I always knew that but somehow, buying this car makes it real. The momentum has shifted. We are no longer trying to figure out this country, American schools, grocery stores, culture wars. We are now thinking about the fall. Where will we live? Who will we hire? What will the routine look like with Tom as a student? How much has changed? How have we changed?

I’m so glad that this is the man who bought the Jeep and is arranging shipping and containers and fees and housing and plane tickets. Cars and houses and even books(?) can fall into the ocean as long as this long-haired boy comes with me.