Tomorrow we start a journey that will take more hours than there are miles in a marathon. In case you don’t know how many miles are in a marathon or in case that first sentence confused you, let me clarify.

A marathon is 26.2 miles.

Our travel time (from leaving the house to arriving at our hotel in Kenya): 27 hours. That is with subtracting 8 hours for the time change.

Ten Travel Tips
1. Eat whatever you want. Food eaten in airports and on airplanes doesn’t have calories.
2. Fly like the American you are (if you are one). This means feel free to carry a large, ugly backpack, wear large, ugly shoes, and large, ugly pants. Whatever it takes to be comfortable for the next 27 hours.
3. Be nice to the airline employees. You will see a lot of them and they know where the extra toilet paper is kept on the plane.
4. Pack your carry-ons so you will only need access to one during the flight.
5. Bring a bottle for water. Even if your husband thinks you won’t need it. He will be asking for it somewhere above Europe.
6. Bring reading material you are willing to forget in the seat carrier in front of you.
7. Make sure young children use the bathroom before flight attendants lock you in for the 45 minutes preceding landing. Ditto for yourself.
8. Don’t look at your watch or any time-revealing devices. It won’t help.
9. Explain to concerned passengers and flight attendants that the pile on the ground beneath your feet is just lumpy carry-ons, not a sleeping child. Even though it is a sleeping child and you are secretly jealous.
10. Remind yourself that a whole new world awaits you. As well as, hopefully, all of your luggage.

Any other travel tips?