A Tale of Two Thanksgivings

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A Tale of Two Thanksgivings

Happy Thanksgiving, or as we say in Somali either “The Day of Thanks” or “The American Day of the Big Bird.”

This was Thanksgiving in Minnesota last year. Henry shot two geese with one bullet at the farm. He quite literally provided Thanksgiving dinner.

These were the birds


These were the people


This was the feast

This was Thanksgiving in Djibouti a few years ago. No pictures from today yet. We’ll do our feast on Saturday once Henry and Maggie are home and we’ll have our annual baseball game on Friday with a pie potluck at our house, again, after all the boarding kids get home.

This was the Turkey Trot (first ever and as far as I know, last ever)


This was the feast


This was the bird (sometimes we score a turkey, sometimes we have chicken or go out for Chinese)


This was some of the people


This was the baseball game

Happy Thanksgiving. And Happy Birthday to my hubs. And Happy Coming Home Tomorrow Day to my kids and to me.

Try not to cause or get caught in any Wal-Mart stampedes this weekend. Do you really want to shop on Black Friday? Do you really need that thneed?

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