How can you celebrate women’s day on March 8 and on more days than only March 8? Last year I wore pink lipstick and a hot pink Djiboutilicious t-shirt.


In our front yard, celebrating women.

  1. Read books that honor women or written by women. Half the Sky by Nicolas Kristof, Mother Teresa by Kathryn Spink, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Leave some of your personal favorites in the comment section.
  2. Remind your daughters, friends, mothers, spouses (yes men can join in), again, that they are made in the image of a beautiful God. And that their bodies are amazing.
  3. Be thankful for the women who formed you, physically, spiritually, academically, character-wise. And tell them you are thankful. This is my call out to my mom and two sisters, Kelly and Stephanie. The list is much longer but I’ll leave it at that. Forever grateful and forever blessed for the ways you make me better all these years.


    Do you think we’re related at all?

  4. Dance. Sing. Write a poem. Go on a march. Attend a ceremony. This is what Djiboutian women do.
  5. Decide to help a woman you know who is struggling. Better yet, go help her today. She might need her sidewalk shoveled. Maybe she endured hours of surgery on a cancerous tumor. Maybe she skipped breakfast so her kids could eat. She’s lonely. She needs someone to hold her hand. She wants to laugh until her belly aches. I plan on meeting a brand-new friend at the playground. She’s never been before, can’t afford the entrance fee. I hope her daughter and Lucy will get along, though they share no common language.

Hey now, how did a man get in there? I guess he’s allowed.

Are you doing anything special for Women’s Day?