A few photos from my week of movie-making. Or rather, my week of observing movie-making.

Pleasepleaseplease don’t miss Brian Vernor’s stunning shots of the girls. They’ll give just the tiniest foretaste of how this movie will celebrate our Girls Run 2 club and the country of Djibouti. In the photos and brief video clips he showed us before leaving, it is clear that this will be a film in which the girls shine. I am proud of them, excited for them, and quite a bit exhausted.

Here’s his blog: brian vernor bloggage with a photo some of the girls outside the stadium in Ali Sabieh and running through the hills in the early morning. Also check out the instagram photo roll on the side of the blog for a few more shots. And this one on his website: brianvernor. It is three of the girls at Lac Assal and it takes my breath away.

I am more comfortable thinking in words than in pictures but this week taught me a lot about seeing a story in an image so these are a few story images of the process.


This is making a movie but even more, it is the celebration of beauty and the revealing of joy.