Show me your neighbourhood around the world

Today I’m excited to be part of a series called Show Me Your Neighborhood, around the world. Painting Pictures will resume tomorrow. The series started with The Piri-Piri Lexicon and every two days until the end of November you can find photos showcasing the places that make up our neighborhoods. I love seeing the variety, the beauty.

The first six are places every blogger is showing and the last six are whatever six highlights each blogger wanted to display.


Welcome to my neighborhood in Djibouti

A Playground: The Algalux is the newest playground, the third one in Djibouti. The kids love to swing and slide and there is even a trampoline that sometimes functions.


Typical Transportation: Here is a typical bus, Pimp My Ride! They often have feather boas across the dash, CDs with Arabic writing hanging from the mirrors, decals pasted over the windows. And every bus has a name. We have adapted and our own car has a green and white furry carpet thing across the dash which garners regular compliments.


A Typical House: I like how this picture shows a few types of typical houses. The white and blue one in front, the rounded traditional-style one next door, a few aluminum-sided homes in the background. Our own is like the white and blue one, but beige and white.

typical house1

A Street: This is a street near our house, notice all the crows! Yikes. I love all the activity going on here, it is one of my favorite streets to drive down when I have the time to go slowly, maybe stuck behind a donkey cart or dodging a herd of cows.

neighborhood street1

A School: This is my children’s 3rd grade classroom a few years ago. They attend a French government sponsored school with a mixture of local kids and expat kids.


A Grocery Store or Market: This is inside the Nougaprix grocery store, one in a series of three that I usually go to, as well as the market or fruit and veggie stalls.

grocery store1

Central bus station and Hammudi mosque, downtown Djibouti City


The fish port, often you can buy fresh-caught hammerhead, shrimp, tuna, grouper…


fish port1


Football is the most popular sport and on every open field or street, you’ll find people playing.




The whole city, or rather, part of the Balbala suburb, looking down to the port. The port is Djibouti’s primary source of income as almost everything going in and out of landlocked Ethiopia comes through Djibouti.


the whole city1


Khat stands. Khat is a green leaf with amphetamine-like qualities chewed by many, many men and a growing number of women. Khat arrives daily from Ethiopia or Somalia and is wrapped in towels or burlap sacks to keep as fresh as possible.




Koran Bato beach is a short drive out of the city, past the port, and is a popular weekend spot for both local and expatriate families.


koran bato beach1


More places in Djibouti:


Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the wide, beautiful world.