In place of  babbling, here are a few photos from New York and if you’d like more words, words of a life laid bare and filled with love, then check out fellow SheLoves Magazine contributor, Sarah Bessey’s new book: Jesus Feminist. Recently there was a run down of the books written by the women who contribute to SheLoves and it was a stunning, inspirational, moving list. It is an honor to write alongside these women who love hard and think deep. One of our own had a book come out this week, Sarah will be talking about it at SheLoves today and you can find all her updates about the book on her blog Sarah Bessey.

People have been asking for stories and updates about this trip. One person suggested giving you just a few words. That sounds about right, about all I can handle at this point. There will be more coming but for now I will tell you it has been like this:

finding strong1Inspiring. This is a panel after the movie: David Willey, editor-in-chief of Runner’s World, Cintia, coach of the Girls Run 2 team, Ben Simmons, amputee and runner, and Marten Bostrom, orienteering world champion from Finland, and Sharon Barbano, VP for public relations of Saucony.

finding strong3

emotional eating

Emotional. Good emotions and good eating and emotional eating. The emotions stemmed from reunion time with my siblings, the film, meeting my agent, spending time with the amazing ladies from Djibouti, culture shock, missing my family at home…you know all those feelings. So I ate. Carbo-loading but not for a marathon.

new york city marathon 9-11Moving. (This is a 2012 New York City Marathon finisher’s medal, placed on a name at the 9-11 memorial. The 2012 marathon was cancelled due to hurricane Sandy. People along the 2013 route were weeping in memory of that day, of the Boston bombings, from the impact of watching so many people push to their limits.)

statue of liberty1

American. Touring the sites, McDonald’s (saw it, can not eat there any more), women in Times Square in their bikinis, English, so many choices (staring at menus until people start to get nervous and suspicious).

Got a few words to describe your week?