Quick link: How to Stay Cool in Djibouti

Yesterday Melibelle in Tokyo published my post with suggestions on how to stay cool in Djibouti. The caveat is: it is pretty much impossible to stay cool in Djibouti unless you a) leave, or b) work for an organization or company (like the embassy) that pays your electricity bills.

Staying Cool in Djibouti2

As I type this, I am sitting beneath a ceiling fan, in a room that had been cooled by the a/c and then the a/c got turned off. In other words, the room is the ‘coolest in the house.’ I am performing the arduous task of typing. Sweat is literally dripping down my forehead onto the keyboard. Literally snaking down my back. Literally leaving a damp spot from my butt sweat on the couch.

Have you ever stood up from an enjoyable evening at your friends’ house only to find a damp imprint of your ass on the couch?


That happens to me all the time.

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