1 school open house, fourteen nations represented

2 my dad, going home from the hospital and overflowing with sappy tears and gratitude

3 a friend falling in love

4 a wild heron flying into the sunrise

5 inauguration of a new sanctuary

6 conversation about soul-matters, in French

7 a fresh passport

8 being substitute coach for Girls Run 2

9 planes that leave an hour early

10 junior high drama performance

11 junior high girls basketball tournament

12 mostly all-of-us family meals

13 foggy morning mist over mountains

14 jazz band concert. birdland.

15 back to high school physics, lab partner

16 interview with the man whose family brought pineapples to Kenya. Plus, pineapples.

17 being mistaken for someone’s college-age sister

18 pinewood derby and doughnuts

19 senior men’s choir

20 going home

21 roasted pumpkin

22 birthdays

23 Thanksgiving brunch sans turkey: sweet potato waffles, bacon and sausage, eggs, fruit, friend. Thankful.

24 cloudy morning run

25 kids.home.friends.

26 baseball traditions

27 the perfect watermelon

28 6 teens, 1 tween, 1 dog, walking along the beach at low tide and sunset

29 old friends from far away and long ago, in my kitchen

30 sleeping under the stars, beside steady waves and scrambling crabs