Good Things, the Sixth. December 2017.

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Good Things, the Sixth. December 2017.

Taking note of one good, beautiful, hope-filled thing each day of the month.

1 my children dwarfed by whale sharks

2 the lingering burn of a long, off-road training run

3 wind that nearly knocks me off the rim of a volcano

4 kayaking at sunrise, sea turtles floating in water like kites

5 babies immobilized by life jackets

6 card games with teenagers

7 fried eggs

8 thumbs up from a Somali elder with a prayer cap, shawl, and walking stick, in the desert on my 20-mile run

9 Djibouti-style Christmas cookies. Camels and whale sharks

10 my daughter in her happy-place, singing French songs

11 editing a piece for a dreamed-of publication

12 the Bawadi mall opening

13 pancakes with honey, walnuts, and blueberries

14 my daughter playing street soccer with a Djiboutian friend

15 power cut at the mall, we might be developing but some things never change

16 henna, late-night wedding parties, dancing with old friends

17 Santa Claus made out of raw meat

18 French cheese tasting

19 teenagers taking the ferry, alone

20 International school potlucks. Yummy.

21 homemade bagels

22 a baby birthday party

23 Christmas shopping as a family, hiding gifts, sneaking around aisles, walking around with boxes under our shirts

24 the last ‘guaranteed’ Christmas Eve dinner with my twins in Djibouti

25 not-family family

26 PADI certified, diving around a sunken ship

27 senior photos, with goats

28 my daughter, first non-Djiboutian to be recruited to join a national football (soccer) team

29 second 20-mile run, fueled by sunrise, GU, bananas, cocoa-date balls, and podcasts

30 second Christmas surprises (like books!), carried across the globe

31 going to bed early after rowdy family games, dreaming of a new year

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