Good Things, the Seventh. January 2018.

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Good Things, the Seventh. January 2018.

Taking note of one good, beautiful, hope-filled thing each day of the month.

1 fresh starts

2 thorns that puncture volleyballs turned into thorns that plug volleyballs

3 a run less than five miles #marathontraining

4 Draft #4, McPhee

5 a two-year old touching the sea for the first time

6 going on a cooking strike

7 12-year old giggles on facetime

8 our school donating almost 300 books to refugees

9 sneaking leftover hidden Christmas candy

10 friends who tell me the truth without apology

11 soccer captain and an A in chemistry (living vicariously through teenagers)

12 I ran fast! So fast! (its all relative)

13 varsity soccer, winning their first tournament

14 families from around the globe, serving each other well

15 the Djiboutian Institute of Art

16 first-time volleyball player acing her serve

17 college acceptance letters

18 a happy go fund me donation surprise

19 sunrise over shipwrecked sailboats and the desert

20 fresh-squeezed lime mint juice

21 quiet evening, alone

22 how-to Insta Story with a friend (#feelingold)

23 old friend from far away, at my table for lunch, laughing until we cry

24 paper mache piggy banks

25 catered Somali food

26 5k with barefoot teens, nuns, families, street kids, soldiers *unity and diversity*

27 post long-run yoga day

28 a new way to do ‘church’

29 building the school library (I should have been a librarian)

30 volleyball, more talking than playing

31 celebrating a job well done

What were some of your good things in January?

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