You’ve made the decision to move abroad.

Do you really know what you’re getting into?

Are you ready?

You can find all kinds of lists for packing, websites for taxes, books on culture shock. But has anyone told you that you might hate where you end up living? You might hate it for a really long time? Has anyone told you how to spell what you are becoming (e-x-p-a-t-r-i-a-t-e) so you don’t look silly on emails or posts? Have you heard how many horrible, embarrassing mistakes you’re allotted in the first week and how those numbers change, hopefully?

What do you really need to know?

Well, this short, fun list will help you out.

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I love helping people thrive while living abroad and maybe this list, with a few laughs, will help launch you on positive, exciting, average, mundane, joy-filled, productive adventure.

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