Good Things. The Eighth. February 2018.

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Good Things. The Eighth. February 2018.

Choosing to focus on one good thing, every day

1 Go Fund Me. Funded!

2 not going to the beach

3 melty butter and jam on a homemade toasted bagel

4 pink food trucks (#iwantit)

5 green, growing things in the desert

6 kind, clean, helpful pediatricians

7 Star Coffee downtown Djibouti

8 school field trip to the port

9 sausage and egg breakfast sandwich, post long run

10 chatting with my preteen

11 the countdown

12 Dr. Edna Aden, once gave safe refugee from violence, now gave of her precious time

13 back to where it started, the day it started, fifteen years later

14 6,000 year old cave paintings

15 sunset over Hargeisa

16 26.2

17 back to the broken places

17b pictures of senior year banquet

18 healing in the wilderness

19 home

20 writing it down

21 lunch with dear friends

22 talking on the phone with all three of the kids

23 port-a-potties

24 a post-marathon massage

25 food. In general. Just, all food.

26 whatsapp across the ocean

27 chubby babies

28 varsity football (soccer)

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