Tax season. Yowsers.

Tax season for expatriates. Double yowsers.

Where do you live, how long have you lived there, where is your permanent residence, where do you pay taxes, from where do you receive a salary, what are the local tax laws, your passport country tax laws, have tax laws recently changed and how would you know…?

The questions are endless, the stress can be immense.

I know expats who set their alarms for 3:00 a.m. to get their taxes done before the work day starts and who go to bed at night having made little progress.

Or expats who are pulling their hair out over confusion.

I know one family (yours truly) who did everything right but the online forms refused to accept certain numbers or locations. We thought we had it figured out and even the final number for what we owed was right, but one line somewhere messed up the whole thing and we didn’t get it resolved for months. Menacing letters saying we owed thousands of dollars in taxes can really stress you out! This year, my husband decided to use a service called Taxes for Expats. (full disclosure, they reached out to me through this website, this is an honest review)

This is what he told me about using Taxes for Expats: “I like to do my own taxes, but after last year, I really appreciated having an expert review my work. TFE were very knowledgeable about the issues that expats face. They dialogued with me and answered all the questions that I had about my taxes because some things are just ‘fuzzy’ in the tax law for a non-pro. They gave me the confidence that all my forms were filled out correctly. I submitted them and have already received my REFUND.”

I noticed far less stress this year than last year, he was much happier with the results, the process was streamlined and clear cut. I’m in favor of anything that lessens stress, especially as April 15 approaches. The Taxes for Expats website is full of useful information and you can check out all the services they offer.

Both Tom and I are happy to recommend Taxes for Expats as a competent and easy-to-use service. They know the complexity of international money and expat-specific issues.

*image via Flickr