Taking note of one good thing, every day. Learning to pay attention.

1 boys, now men. girls, now women.

2 thick, Kenyan, mountain fog

3 Herman the Python (was going to post a photo of two boys who have asked for a couple of years now to be on Djibouti Jones. I can’t find the picture. Sorry guys.)

4 a longform essay, terrible first draft, tolerable second draft

5 a desert hare

6 friends who are joyful servants

7 welcoming a new boss

8 American Easter chocolates, melty in Djibouti

9 hilly 15-mile cool-weather running

*image by Jessica Gardner

10 feeling shepherded

11 finding out a friend is a fellow podcast junkie

12 fruit cups with kiwi

13 #3

14 sunrise over an abandoned ship in the ocean

15 beach-tired

16 lost down the time-tunnel of photographs for a graduation slideshow

17 that time he posted a photo on instagram

18 hearing a friend’s voice over the miles

19 work at home day during which I work

20 lunch out with friends who stay

21 the ability to travel, at a moment’s notice, when needed

22 generous wisdom, vulnerability

23 a long quiet

24 they’re home

25 baby giggles

26 watching the tide sweep in at Turtle Island

27 lunch meat surprise: rabbit

28 school movie night

29 more mystery meat lunch: lemon pepper chicken for a crowd

30 long run, long conversation, new friend

31 Watching the sunset while grilling kebabs at the beach