1 original blessing, a book

2 kids, phone calls

3 an American friend, Danish friend, Korean friend, and Indian food

4 delicious French dinner with friends and cow tongue

5 my dad’s birthday

6 sitting on the beach for a rare conversation with a good friend

7 banana splits

8 one final volleyball game, ball over the wall four times

9 tears mingled across phone lines, no one is alone

10 unexpected generosity from far away

11 professionals

12 Kenyan pedicures

13 people brave enough and empathetic enough to pause, look in the eyes, and say, “I’m so sorry”

14 umbrellas, on loan, while away from home and in a rainy country

15 learning that doubling up on socks is almost as good as wearing slippers

16 varsity girls volleyball, a Minnesota friend, Burger King in Kenya, and stimulating conversation on a rainy drive home

17 my young nephew being so sweet and tender he made me cry from across the world

18 dreaming about banana bread and then banana bread at staff snack time

19 all day, no rain

20 sloppy hamburgers with bacon

21 running in the rain, scrambling up mud hills, sliding back down

22 Finding Home book release day

23 actually finding a home

24 learning more about Mary and Martha

25 phone call to Malaysia, solving all the thing

26 one night, one puzzle

27 the whole family at the same table

28 a place to run

29 learning to live one day at a time

30 new depth to the words: here. now. this.

31 talking faith and fresh interpretations

What are your good things?