1 walking through coffee fields at sunset

2 breathing room

3 gentle strangers

4 Mau Mau caves, paradise lost waterfalls, funny little yellow boats

5 fog, school in the clouds, lamplight like Narnia

6 24-hours of no rain

7 1,000 pieces, finished

8 driving stick shift on the other side of the road, successfully

10 this house, a home away from home, a surprise

11 baboons on the porch swing

12 sunrise over mount longanot, view from my room

13 hearing a description of being deep under water and turning up to see the sunlight

14 fried chicken

15 fire in the fireplace, masai blanket around my shoulders, and a fresh book

16 long, lazy afternoons with my girls

17 baboons on the roof

18 remission. almost.

19 19 years

20 hiking mount longanot

21 final project, finally done

22 high school musical performance of high school musical

23 double, full rainbow

24 bought a ticket home

25 walking in fog and drizzle

26 peanut butter cookies

27 mangoes

28 going home

29 Djibouti, desert golf

30 good friend, long walk, ocean breeze