Taking note of one good thing every day.

1 chicken tortilla soup for a friend

2 4-mile tempo run along the lake, beneath gray cloudy skies, around fields of sunflowers

3 Swedish Fish by the handful

4 graduation open houses and being asked if I am the graduate

5 the most incredible quilts, a lifetime of memory and beauty sewn by grandma

6 sushi by Lake Superior

7 visiting the coolest physical therapist office in Ashland, WI, owned by childhood friends

8 the Apostle Islands, jumping into freezing water, and a hike through the woods

9 thrift store day with my three kids

10 a listening ear, a caring heart

11 blueberries

12 fireflies over cornfields in the hills of southern Minnesota

13 a long bike ride with my husband, along an old railway line

14 watching my kids wakeboard like pros

15 caught in the rain at the end of a long run

16 racquetball game in which I hit the ball, most of the time

17 farm days

18 a gathering of women writers in Minnesota

19 being blessed by strangers

20 Jones family tradition of lunch at Old Chicago, full of laughter and good conversation. I just love spending time with my people.

21 one child, launched

22 exploring a new city with my husband and our youngest who still runs to play on playgrounds

23 best Dairy Queen ever, extra large sizes, dilly bars with ice cream cones on top, one of a kind in Eau Claire, WI

24 being the newbie dork at the fitness club who has never used a stair master and stumbling off it and laughing at myself instead of feeling embarrassed

25 big bacon on a stick (can you guess where I ate that in Minnesota at the end of August?)

26 bike ride through the park on one of the last sunny, warm days of summer

27 Italian fagioli soup at Open Book, downtown Minneapolis

28 manuscript editing in front of a fireplace on a gray, rainy day

29 hot-tubbing

30 all you can eat fresh stir-fry

31 one kid home for the weekend, the other packing to launch