This week Hope Writers is opening their doors for new members. If you’re interested, just click here for more information.

Straight talk here, guys. At first, I really hesitated and even after I joined, I wasn’t sure for a while whether or not I had made the right decision. Sometimes, it can be a little corny. But then, corny can also be fun.

Why I joined: I need community in my writing work and dreams. That is really hard for me to find here. I needed accountability in specific areas Hope Writers hits on. They focus more on the marketing and publishing and community building than on the craft of writing. Not that I don’t need to learn craft! I totally do, but at this point in my writing work, I need to focus on those other areas, the more “businessy” side of a writer’s work.

In those two areas: community and accountability for growth in my weaknesses, Hope Writers has totally come through.

It doesn’t meet all my writing needs and it doens’t hit all my interest buttons, but it has been the right thing for me, for now.

I’ve gotten on podcasts, which means I’ve been able to meet incredible women. I’ve joined a few small groups where we encourage each other and hold each other accountable. And just having put down the money means that I’m taking all of it, including my own work, more seriously.

It isn’t for every writer and it isn’t for all times, but for me, for this year of a lot of other stressors, I decided to jump in and join a community of writers. I’m glad I did (even when it does get corny. Or cheesy. Why do we use food for that feeling?)

Anyway, if you’re interested and would like to join me over there, here’s a link for more information:

Join Me at Hope Writers!

Let me know if you join, so we can find each other in the Facebook group.