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Expatriate, raising three Third Culture Kids, writer, runner, believer, development worker.

In 2003 I left Minnesota and moved to Somalia where my husband taught Physics and English at Amoud University in a northern village. Since then, I have also lived in Kenya, France, and Djibouti.

I am married to Tom Jones. Not the singer, better. Though he does think life would be more interesting as a musical. His work keeps us focused on education and he is in the process of becoming Dr. Jones (just like Indiana) with a PhD in Comparative International Development Education.

Tom teaches at the University of Djibouti and runs our NGO, Resource Exchange International. We aim to be a part of community development that affects the whole person from education to employment to the spiritual life and physical health. Long-term change requires long-term investment and so, after eleven years, we are still here.

We have three children who all assume they are more African than American since we have lived in the Horn of Africa almost their entire lives.

I run and cook and study languages and raise children and live in a Muslim, African nation. I have participated in developing a girls’ running club, job skills training, micro-enterprise, and English teaching and I write in an attempt to make sense of it all.

I grew up saying “oof-dah” and eating Jell-O salad. Now I say “Insha Allah” and eat samboosas. I love Jesus and the Bible and enjoy learning about Islam and the Quran. The journey I am on challenges me to engage with people I might not encounter in my native Minnesota. I’m thankful for what I learn from them.

Welcome to Djibouti Jones and please join the conversation.

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