Finding Home: Third Culture Kids in the World

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Who are Third Culture Kids? What makes their experience of identity, home, belonging, travel, trauma, school unique? And yet, what connects them together, across the globe?

How can parents and educators and friends support the TCKs we know and love as they walk through issues as diverse as transitioning to university in their passport country, where they may never have lived, to how to navigate being ethnically of one country but belonging to a family from a different country through adoption while living in still another country?

Finding Home is essays originally published on Djibouti Jones as part of a series on Third Culture Kids. The book includes updates with the authors, follow-up interviews, and suggestions for how families and individuals can build on the ideas in the stories. It is rich with wisdom, humor, perspective, and counsel from people all around the world who have made the choice, or had the choice made for them, to live internationally.


“A collection of reflections by global citizens who have difficulty answering where they or their offspring are from. We who share this challenge are likely to find a kindred spirit within these pages.”  –Rev. Taylor W Denyer; president and co-founder, Friendly Planet Missiology

“When Rachel writes, I listen. In this collection, Rachel has assembled a plethora of strong and capable voices, all of whom combine to describe and illuminate Third Culture Kids without pigeon-holing them. I’m grateful for this collection and I know it will leave it’s mark on the international community.” Jonathan Trotter, editor at A Life Overseas, and pastoral care counselor

“Finding Home is definitely a book to add to your TCK toolbox. Full of insight, diverse perspectives, and helpful inspiration, this book may create that lightbulb moment of understanding for you. If you are a TCK, a TCK parent, a TCK spouse, or someone wanting to understand and support a TCK, this book is for you.”  Danielle Wheeler, founder of Velvet Ashes

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