Essays (in order of posting):

Anita Dualeh with Why Doesn’t Your Wife Wear Hijab. She writes about being married to a Somali and the reaction of shopkeepers when she doesn’t wear hijab.

I wrote Hijab, Definitions. I write about the wide culturally-based diversity of hijab and what the Bible and the Quran say regarding modesty.

Pari Ali with Hijab, the Universal Struggle. She writes about being a Muslim woman who does not wear hijab and about inner character.

Afia R. Fitriati with Asking the Right Questions. She writes about setting aside assumptions and moving beyond the veil to human conversation.

J.R. Goodeau with Through the Eyes of Children. She writes about lessons learned alongside her daughter as they befriend women who cover.

Marilyn Gardner with Rethinking the Veil. She writes about the importance of being willing to listen and to change our assumptions and opinions.

Chaltu Berentu with The Thousand Stories of Hijab. In this Poet Nation video, Chaltu talks about being more than what she wears.

Sarita Agerman with Am I Good Enough To Wear This? She writes about her relationship with the scarf as she began contemplating Islam.

Vajiha with The Veil Between Two Realms. She writes about the all-encompassing nature of hijab.