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*December 2017 update

The Bawadi Mall opened on December 12, with a soft opening of three stores and an Arcade area for kids. The Mall did not make it into Welcome to Djibouti. As of December 2017, there is a Giant Casino grocery store, a toy store, and a makeup/perfume store. More information will come in the future, as more shops open.

Also, the current situation for obtaining a visa for Americans is in flux. For a while, just two weeks ago, everyone coming from a country which hosts a Djiboutian embassy was suddenly required to get a visa before coming. However, after two weeks, we have learned that immigration reverted to the former policy of being able to obtain a visa at the airport upon arrival. Please be sure to confirm before coming. I’m working on finding out something more concrete.

Looking for a hotel? A playground? Wi-Fi? Need a tour guide?

Welcome to Djibouti is for you.

Full of phone numbers and websites as well as useful tips for everything from finding housing to where to get a decent haircut or what to do in a medical emergency, Welcome to Djibouti is based on my 14 years of expatriate living here. I’ve compiled the most common questions people ask  over email and put the answers  in this one spot.

This book will help you arrive, survive, and thrive in one of the hottest countries on earth.

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