Release date: December 4, 2018.

Second edition! Updated to reflect the rapidly changing landscape of Djibouti, including information about the Bawadi Mall and the Djibouti-Ethiopia train.

Color-coded maps to help you find tourist spots, beaches, running trails, and shops!

Suggested tourist itineraries! Get the most out of a two-day trip or a seven-day trip.

Contact information for the most reliable and best tour guides!

And, this year, Welcome to Djibouti is available on Amazon! Easier for you to purchase, download, and review.




What are readers saying about this guide?

“This guide is comprehensive and useful, (much more so than Lonely Planet). The writing is engaging and lively. It’s also much more open minded than a lot of travel blogs about Djibouti. I’ll be printing it out!” E.K. tourist, planning a trip

“I wish I would have had this 3 months ago when I first got here. It would have given me such a good place to start with exploring and finding my way around. Rachel writes with honesty and compassion about living in a place that can become really discouraging if you let it. I really appreciated her perspective,” C.S. teacher in Djibouti

“Very useful, based on personal experience,” B.C. long-term expatriate in Djibouti

“A must read for those coming to Djibouti for a few days or a long stay. I wholeheartedly agree with Rachel’s practical advice and insight into how to navigate while in Djibouti.” K.G. long-term resident and tour guide in Djibouti


Looking for a hotel? A playground? Wi-Fi? Need a tour guide?

Welcome to Djibouti is for you.

Full of phone numbers and websites as well as useful tips for everything from finding housing to where to get a decent haircut or what to do in a medical emergency, Welcome to Djibouti is based on my 15 years of expatriate living here. I’ve compiled the most common questions people ask  over email and put the answers  in this one spot.

This book will help you arrive, survive, and thrive in one of the hottest countries on earth.

Get your copy of Welcome to Djibouti today!

*this book is not meant to provide medical advice or legal entry requirement advice. Be sure to double check visa requirements before planning your travels.